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Help cancer patients achieve a higher quality of extended life.

Join supporting investors just like you, raising $1.5M+ so far. With your investment, cancer patients can achieve a higher quality of extended life. 


"Because they have more life to live..." 

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Why Invest Now?
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✓  Recent Multi-million dollar offer to buy our company/technology by international MedTech company​

✓ Join existing investors and get in on the early gains.


✓ Named a top industry innovator by Multiple Medical and Business publications


✓ Featured company and founder profile on

✓ Do well by doing good today!

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* Forward looking statements can not be guaranteed

Because they have more life to live...

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Taming Advanced Cancer

✓ Transform metastatic cancer from terminal to manageable

✓ No hair loss, nausea, chemo brain, etc


✓ Tested on 18 tumor types to support millions of patients


✓ Patented in the US and 7 other countries

✓ Additionally supports financially challenged patients

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We are the inventor and patent holder of Adaptive Tumor Treating Fields (ATTF), the technology that enables TTF to treat patients with diffuse (metastatic)  tumors.


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Invest In Care

Join supporting investors just like you, investing over $1.5M+ so far. Your investment helps cancer patients achieve a higher quality of extended life. 

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