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Our founder has grown 2 startups by raising capital from successful Crowdfunding, Reg-D, & Reg-CF capital raises, bringing products to market from concept to launch, which includes campaign design, digital marketing, copywriting, creating promotional videos and images, press releases, social media marketing, SEO optimization, analytics, email marketing, and storytelling.

Having planned, marketed, and managed crowdfunding campaigns resulting in over $20M in aggregate funding, and raised traditional startup funding resulting in $10M aggregate funding, Campaigns.Guru was formed to help entrepreneurs & businesses plan, start, and manage their crowdfunding campaigns, grow their business, increase sales, strategize for success, negotiate favorable terms, build and improve their websites & SEO, fine tune their sales & marketing funnels, and everything else they need to achieve their goals. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you and your business.


"You're not going to find a smarter provider. They setup, tracked, and completed this project beautifully. I also enjoyed working with their resources. As a CEO of two companies working 90+ hours a week, it was an extra bonus to work with smart people that are enjoyable to talk. All of us at Hypnos now view Campaigns.Guru as a member of the team and are excited about working with them on our next-level projects."

Michael Kaczkowski



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