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RECOMMENDED to have in place before our work begins:

  • Setup Basic FaceBook / Company Page

  • Invite Friends to FaceBook / Company Page

  • Setup Basic Instagram / Twitter / YouTube / LinkedIn

  • Create list of Platforms & Logins

  • Prepare G-Drive or DropBox Asset Repository

  • Financial Forecast

  • Campaign Page Video

  • Compile short list - Wefunder Competitor Pages

      Wefunder Companies that are similar to yours and are 

       either doing well or look to be strong competition


SHORTLY after our work begins

  • Line Up Lead Investor

  • Setup FB Ad Payment

  • Setup Google Ad Payment

  • Draft list of Friends & Family (for invest emails)

  • Select Email System (suggest

  • Setup Subscriber System on Website

  • Web link to Wefunder Page

  • Wefunder - Consider Perks

  • Wefunder - Investor Panel Video

  • Wefunder - Complete All Requirements

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